I offer technical and development recruiting services for a reasonable weekly fee.  

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The recruiter directly impact the company's future by identifying and attracting excellent candidates for the organization. Because of my ability to think creatively about how to drive hiring results, I can work either as part of a team, or with individuals responsible for developing, implementing, and executing a broad recruiting strategy. The ability to identify and source high quality candidates and be responsible for landing them on the appropriate team is critical in what I offer. 

Additionally, recruiting forming partnerships and guide stakeholders through the entire hiring process - dealing with a variety of nuanced situations along the way is critical to the service.

Core Responsibilities

  • Design and own the entire recruiting life-cycle, including job description generation, sourcing, interview process design, extending offers, and closing candidates.
  • Actively source and engage talent via: leveraging referrals, sourcing new leads, utilizing technology, engaging with external recruiting partners, attending events, and more.
  • Provide an excellent candidate experience from the first call through to offer.