How To Help

Adam Sweet
Hi, Adam Sweet here!  I make my living as a musician and music teacher.  There are very few people like me any more, individual self-employed music teachers, that is.  Most of the music teachers in western MA teach at one of the local community music centers, or music schools.  They are part of some organization that does its own marketing, advertising, and community reachout.  Because I'm self-employed, I do it all by myself.   It's a lot of hard work and while I absolutely love it and wouldn't want to do anything else, it's expensive and time consuming.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Attend the events.  I try to organize a free concert, jam session or sight-reading session (classical) at my studio in Granby or at one of the area venues.  Check the Events page to see what's coming up next and attend if you can.  Even though these events are free, you can make a cash donation the day of the event which is much appreciated!
  2. Attend Mandolin New England paid concerts.  Once a year, the Classical group class participates in a concert with other members of Mandolin New England, which is usually not free.  Check the Events page to see when and where the next concert is planned.
  3. Follow the link to my PayPal Donation page and make whatever donation works best for you.  I'm accepting $1 up to whatever amount you like.  Everything you can do is much appreciated!
  4. Become a Patron by supporting my studio and YouTube channel each month.  Even a $1 contribution each month is appreciated.
  5. Register for private or online lessons.  I teach violin, viola, mandolin, mandola, mandocello, Irish bouzouki, acoustic guitar and tenor banjo.  Read more about taking online ($10 discount) or local lessons, and register for classes.
  6. Join one of the group classes.
  7. Attend any of the lectures, master classes or podcasts as a guest and make a donation.