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    Why I chose a Breedlove mandolin over an Eastman

     I chose a Breedlove mandolin over an Eastman for under $1,000.  Here's why: I bought my Breedlove online through  I paid close to $700 for it new.  It came with a padded/travel case.  I've had it for several years and I still play it even though I have another mandolin I favor.  Here's the original video I made the first day it arrived from the website:

    John Duffey - Bluegrass Mandolinist & Singer

    John Duffey was known for his high-lonesome tenor, brilliantly innovative mandolin playing, and the important part he played in establishing the Seldom Scene on the highest levels of bluegrass stardom and accomplishment. He has also been credited, particularly amongst his fellow musicians, as one of the great popularizers and missionaries of bluegrass. His choice of material and refined mode of presentation helped make this basically rural music not only acceptable, but highly desirable among the urban masses. One can only presume that if Duffey had not succumbed to a heart attack in the late '90s he would have been tremendously pleased with yet another resurgence in the music's popularity that seemed to come along with the new millennium. A Washington native, Duffey started the Seldom Scene in 1971 after about a decade of playing with Charlie Waller & the Country Gentlemen, a bluegrass group from the same general region. The mandolinist was also a musical instrument repair

    Return to School During The Pandemic, and other news

    Seisun Firstly, I will be hosting a Celtic / Irish Trad session until it's too cold to play outside.  It will be Thursdays at 7pm.  We'll socially distance, wear masks and have fun!  Meet at my house, bring music stands if you're going to read music (and a light for when it gets dark), and folding chairs.  Granby does have an ordinance against groups of 10 or more, so we'll need to keep it small for now.  Contact me if you have any questions! This update relates to School starting in Granby on Tuesday among other things.  Since Richard will be attending "remote learning" at the school until a hybrid/phased approach in December, I will be monitoring him and providing him with the support and feedback he usually gets at school.  He enters 5th grade this year, and although his IEP is still active, because of the remote learning challenge, his teachers obviously can't "take him out of the class" as they would if he were physically there.  Autism is a