Bow Hair

I've been sourcing horse tail hair for bows since the late 1990s.  I bought it from suppliers in Canada, Argentina and Siberia.  The Siberian suppliers sold through an agent in England named Michael T. Sowden. 

In 1998, the Canadian tail hair supply started to dry up and the quality of the Argentinian hair became worse and worse.  I realized I needed to find a new source of tail hair. 

In 1999, I heard from a member of the Violin Society of America that his bow hair supplier bought hair from China.  This was the first I'd heard about China being a source.  I decided to check it out for myself.  I tracked down one of the companies through my contact, through an interpreter found the auction house where he bid on lots of tails.  From them, I discovered where the tails originated from.  Some were ironically from Argentina, others were from slaughterhouses on the border between northeast China and Mongolia.  I got the name of one of the largest organizations and tracked down their address. 

My first trip to China was to Harbin in August of 1999.  Read more about this trip here.​  And here's another interesting article from Strings magazine that talks about horse tail hair for bows.

Select Premium Unbleached
I just received a new batch of fresh triple-drawn visually sorted unbleached white horse tail hair. 

It goes by the 1/2 kilo (1.1 pound) and costs $330 a bundle plus shipping and tax.  I take PayPal or cash in person at my house in Granby. 

You can contact me to let me know how much you want to order.  Each bundle is about 32" in length. I also have black and coarse.  Please ask.​