Wednesday, February 24, 2021

How To Register For Online Lessons

Registration for online lessons is easy!

  • Contact me by email -, put "registration" in the subject field, and your name, cellphone#, the instrument you want to study, and any biographical information you feel will help me place you.
  • Contact me by Twitter - @adamsweetonline
  • Contact me through Facebook - @adamsweetonline
Once you have registered, I will send you an invitation to join my Slack community, Sweet Music.  I will also ask you what days/times work best for you.  In your initial contact, you can also mention this to save additional delays.

Slack is an easy program to use both on your desktop (it works in any browser, there's no special software to download unlike Zoom), and there's also an app in the App Store and Google Play.  All you will need is a microphone and webcam.  Most laptops come with them these days.  Some students are also using their phones to connect.

Payment is contactless through Venmo, an app that is similar to PayPal, but much easier to use.  I'm @sweetmusiconline on Venmo.

That's it!  I will connect with you on Slack at the agreed upon time.  There's nothing else that you need to do except tune up your instrument and be ready to start learning!